We have fallen in love with Phoebe - thank you so much for letting us enjoy your home in Cyprus
Pool at Villa Phoebe

Rental Costs per week - based on occupancy

Please see booking conditions page.


Total Villa Rental Cost Per Week

Number of bedrooms required:

Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb

Mar, Apr, May

Jun, Sept, Oct

Jul, Aug

1 Master bedroom ensuite
(up to 2 guests staying)





2 Bedrooms
(up to 4 guests staying)





3 Bedrooms
(up to 6 guests staying)





4 Bedrooms
(up to 8 guests staying)





This rate includes air-conditioning

Prices above are the villa rental costs per week (each bedroom sleeps a maximum of two people). Rates include air-conditioning.

Christmas and New Year Bookings: For holiday bookings that include Christmas and/or the New Year please add 20% to the weekly rental costs.